Lily Weaver

I have a German Shepherd/ Shiba Inu Mix dog named...
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Date Joined 2017-08-17 15:53:46
Last Login : 2017-08-19 01:19:55
Born on: January, 3 ,1999 (19 Years old)
Country United States
City Newville
Gender Female
Bio I have a German Shepherd/ Shiba Inu Mix dog named Tango. We adopted him on an Amish farm in Lancaster so we don't really have certified information about him or his family or history. Now, he lives with a happy family and is taken good care of by me Lily Weaver:) I love animals and am really compassionate about them. I do not abuse or mistreat animals in any way or form. I am a 100% animal lover and wish to work at an animal shelter when I am older with my friend Nickson Gatch at our own animal shelter.
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